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JadeThanks to all that joined Conquest yesterday. We colleced 200k+ points. Great job.
p.s. please post here if you need turrets achives and what planets, so i can organize.
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Bite ItSign up people!
Jade   yep yep :)
FuxyHappy new year guys! :)
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ArneyaMy dear Jedis and Siths, troopers and imperial agents, smugglers and bounty hunters!

One more year spent in the galaxy far-far away is behind us. Together we achieved a lot during this year. And I'm not talking about Tyth, Styrak or Revan. I'm talking about the great and fun time which we all had with each other. Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: "the Force is .... an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together." During this year all of us, while living in different countries, where emotionally close to each other, and through that the Force was with us :)

The life has is ups and downs though. As you well know, we've lost some people this year. Roey and Needa, Store and Pistol, and everyone else if you read this, you will always be heartily welcome back if one day you decide to return.

I wish all of you be happy and healthy in the next year, travel to beautiful places and meet interesting people. In other words, stay connected to the universal living field, which binds us all together, or even shorter: May the Force be with you!


PS. And don't forget to sign up for the raids and come in time ;)
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JadeAnd on the Empire side ;)
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JadeLast week conquest results :)
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Fuxy   gz :)
Durwell   Nice job!
FuxyHappy Xmas guys :)
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Bite It[link] xmass wish
GG Allin - Abuse Me (I Want to Die)
Doctrine of Mayhem | Black & Blue Records | Join the GG Alli...
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光翼 Guāng yì 柔橙   registered to It's A Trap!
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Markus'Tullius   Hello all, so accept the fact that I got in a trap. So what will happen to me from now?
Jade   .. lets see :)
Blaze   registered to It's A Trap!
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Arneya   sigh... PUBG everywhere...
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