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RoeyIf some of you guys have experience of setting up discord channel, its your time to shine now. Its pretty easy to do but i just lazy, and i never done it yet so will be killing some extra time before i set all roles and perms properly. I highly doubt some of us want to regularly sub TS at this point so discord will be better option right now. Or share your ideas. We need voice comms in any case.
Arneya   Well, I have created 'It's a trap!' server, but we need to discuss what roles should we have there.
Knivur LegendImportant message!
We are switching chat program from Teamspeak to Discord. Thus Zhuko will be shutting down the TS3 server in a few days time, so you will have time to switch to another server or another program. I highly recommend you guys also check out Discord :)
Roey   Thnx for warning:) And thanx for let us use TS for that long xd
ArneyaConcerning the discussion about killing different animals in different countries: on Tatooine you kill dune lizards. Proof: "The Last Command" by Timothy Zahn.
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Jade   :)
Bite It   ну и как ты это нашел?
Durwell   In Dutch it's killing two flies with one smack. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Internet Is Angry With EA Games' New 'Feature' In The New St...
2,896 points * 269 comments - Internet Is Angry With EA Games' New 'Feature' In The New Star Wars Battlefront II - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga,...
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Dremilla   soon games from the big companies will have some sort of micro transactions
JadeThis found today. I found out we call it differently related to swtor :)
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Winox   who goes around throwing rocks at birds
Jaysch   Wow inst Jaysch somehow related to rabbits in russian or something?
Bite It   Good morning Jaysch
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For the good of the galaxy you must die
Uploaded by Arboreya swtor on 2017-11-04.
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Roey   lol yep you have enough material for funniest wipes compilation
Bonzai   Haaang on...didn't we kill Revan already? Or is he back in fashion now?
Jade   well Rancor is reformed, so 4-5 of us had not killed Revan. I was out of the game when Rancor first killed him and even I missed the second kill like 3 weeks ago. You are watching in this vid the epic fight called "lest kill Revan for Jade"
Thanks guys :) am in debt.
ArneyaJust die to the first pull... Of course it's not an acceptable excuse, but timers were off for me by 7 seconds as you can see in the video.
How to wipe on core 1%
Uploaded by Arboreya swtor on 2017-11-03.
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Fuxy   [link]
senitenl pov xD
Jade   Look like i do around 5k on core :( , too busy watching stuffs ...
Arneya   I've watched your video, Fuxy, and found it very funny, that exactly at the moment when we finished the jumping to the 3rd floor a person with name Bacon MARIO left Redleader :)
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ArneyaAn old ventilation shaft in one of the Prague's parks has been redesigned. Here you can see how it looked like before: [link]
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Durwell   That's awesome
Roey   Imagine r2d2 companion in this SIZE xd
Do you want Carnage/Combat Spec change in 5.6? * r/swtor
Marauder Carnage Ferocity is now stack-based with 2 stacks lasting 10 seconds, affecting Devastating Blast, Gore, Vicious Throw and Massacre, and...
Bite It   Good spec no need to change.
P.S. i pressed "no" botton.
whoami   I did the same. But problem is they deleted now this thread...
pistolwhipper   They remove the lightning bug, they should do same for combat/carnage to not allow clipping. I would vote yes :p
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Bonzai   If only...
Roey   politics aside, thats the reason why i have cat doors in each damn door in my flat lol
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Durwell   Welcome mate :)
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