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RoeyRaid time changed back to 19:00-22:00 UK time. I think we must be able to gather group in 19:00 now since summer slack times almost over.
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RoeyGuys please check sunday event page and comment there if you coming for joined run, if we have really low signups for that i want to be able to warn other guild at least not later that saturday evening
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Roey   Have in mind also that even if you hate 16m like me its not too hard come rarely just to help our teammates to get kills they want, we not doing it too often.
Durwell / YashiaOfficial It's A Trap guild kill on first trash pack after Tyth!
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Vivienchy   Legit tryhards.
Bonzai   Whoah! 45 credits. Steady folks.
pistolwhipper   That's some advanced mathematics Bonz :p
JadeFYI :d
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Tyrins   registered to It's A Trap!
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Dremillai quit playing this game. am tired of the problems it has
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Bite It   currently thinking bout it
Durwell / Yashia   I completely understand Drem... I've had many problems with launcher/updates aswell. Also the game has so many problems itself, especially in PvP which you play mostly. So I really don't blame you. Sad to see you go though. :(
Dremilla   i sent you a private message
Latrischa   added 30 Advanced days to It's A Trap!
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Jadeanother brilliant idea ...
PSA: If you want to share CM crystals/tunings between charac...
As most people know, there is no need to ever spend CC to unlock tuning or crystals in collections. Instead, one can simply be placed into a...
Winoxit's hard to convince a jedi
Uploaded by Storeslem on 2017-07-10.
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Winoxour 2nd Styrak kill. everyone should have ach now :)
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Arboreya   Wow, great job everyone!
Winox   bite was photoshopped out of picture for reasons...
Roey   Oh yep, hes nasty name lol.
Jade   published Swtor News on News
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Jaysch   you kill it right??? :d
Jaysch   yeah you did it :d
Roey   Yes we did
RoeyCheck out for wednesday extra raid guys, let us know if you can come or not.
Dremillai took the hard decision for me to leave guild on this toon:( it wasnt an easy call cause i was thinking it for days but never told to anyone.. i need a break to think, and last days were not helping me at all for pvp as i was getting more and more frustrated and rage no matter who i was playing with. am so tired:( Each one of you is an amazing player and this guild was the best i joined in the 6 years i play game. but i need a time alone.
Jade   :(
Durwell / Yashia   That's very sad to hear Drem. I hope you can find what you're looking for, and you should know that you're always welcome to come back!
Dremilla   i have gone with Ragequit. but my first game with them was a 2.3 mil prot and 1 mil damage and 2-0 loss in arena..
RoeyWell done everyone, it was amazing.
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Kerny   My sincere congratulations!Gonna agree with Arney, Kerny's pushback debuff was avoided without my presence there
Dremilla   i can't say anything for this great achievement. just 2 words. Dragonslayers next:)
Roey   Well... i should also notice earlier that they coming back too fast and tell you, i was too tired myself that thursday. Previous sunday you did really gj tanking there Kerny, and Arney did really good heals as well.
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